#12 How to Think in Systems - Problem-Solving DemoIn this episode, I show how you can go from a vague idea to a well-developed thought in twenty minutes by thinking in systems.
Oct 3, Sat, 2020
Hey friend, Thanks for giving me some time and space to think. I’ve started on a new journey - to invent new tools for thought. It doesn’t make sense to…
Hey friend, I’m setting the show on pause for now to rethink the concept and make it more valuable to you. If you’ve got any feedback for the past 30…
#29 How Systems Evolve Through Connectivity and Diversity — The Amazon StoryIn this episode, I explain two principles you can use to improve any technical system and show how similar are a pack pencils, a paragraph of text…
#28 Why to Keep a Diary - How to Communicate With Your Future SelfIn this episode, I explain how to write a diary that your future self will benefit from having. 
#27 How to Learn English on AutopilotIn this episode, I explain my system of language learning that can help you start thinking in English instead of translating.
#26 How to Read Five Books Per DayIn this episode, you will learn how to start reading 1.8k books a year by spending just 20 minutes a day.
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